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Xander Build Bond 201

Concrete Adhesive

Xander Build Bond 201 is a latex-based concrete adhesive, specifically designed to enhance the bonding capability between cement and sand in mortar/render and cement floor. The increased tensile strength and flexural strength provided by the polymer-modified mortar helps to improve durability for self-leveling cement.

Xander Build Bond AC 202

Acrylic Admixture for concrete – waterproofing system

Xander Build Bond AC 202 is an acrylic polymer formulated to be suitable for applications, from general construction to the building industry. It is designed to enhance water resistance and bonding properties of cement mortar/render and cement floor. When Xander Build Bond AC 202 is mixed with cement and other additives, the polymer infiltrates small air bubbles; commonly present in the cement mixture, which to reinforcing the strength of the cement.

Xander Form W 211

Water-Based Release Agent

Xander Form W 211 is a water-based release agent that can be diluted with water at a ratio of up to 3 times or more. The agent reacts with the alkalinity of the concrete surface, transforming into a coating mixture that facilitates easy formwork removal. It leaves no liquid stains on the concrete surface, resulting in a smooth and beautiful white concrete finish look. It reduces air bubbles on the surface and prevents the formation of dark stains.

Xander Form O 212

Chemical Coating

Xander Form O 212 is an oil-based chemical coating that reacts with concrete surfaces, performing a thin film on the concrete, which allows for easy removal without leaving any residue on the concrete surface. It smoothens the concrete surface, reducing the formation of bubbles during the removal process, resulting in a smoother concrete finish look.

Xander Cure 231

Concrete Curing Compound - Reduces Water Loss

Xander Cure 231 is a concrete curing compound formulated with high-water-retention polymer materials that form a thin, highly water-retentive film. This helps to prevent water loss from the concrete, ensuring complete and proper curing of the concrete. It contributes to achieving concrete strength according to engineering standards and helps reduce the occurrence of cracks.

Xander Seal 261

chemical admixture for concrete

Xander Seal 261 is a chemical admixture for concrete designed to control the dispersion of air bubbles and reduce the amount of entrained air within concrete. It also helps to reduce water usage and enhances the properties of concrete to increase its strength.

Xander Seal 261 is a component of non-chloride chemical category, which helps to prevent corrosion of steel in concrete. It also reduces the water-to-cement ratio (W/C ratio), making the concrete or mortar stronger. Its low air-entraining properties contribute to higher potential of leakage resistance and improve the slump flow of the concrete.

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