Xander Cement Floor

Xander Cem Floor LQ 617

Durable Surface System, Dust-Reducing, Water-Based Type

Xander Cem Floor LQ 617 (Silicates modified) is the most suitable product for concrete floors that need to be dense and robust while also protecting against dust, dirt stains, and being resistant to chemicals, oil stains, and rubber marks.

Concrete surfaces coated with Xander Cem Floor LQ 617 will have a resilient and strong concrete surface due to the reaction of silicate with (Calcium Hydroxide) in concrete, resulting in a compound called Calcium Silicate Hydrate. This makes the concrete surface tightly bonded and stronger.  With the hardness rating of 8-9 on the Mohs scale, it can increase the strength of the concrete surface by 20-30% compared to untreated surfaces and helps preserve concrete. It is suitable for areas that require long-term protection, including heavy-duty areas, and is environmentally friendly.

Xander Cem Floor LQ 618

Xander Cem Floor LQ 618 is Top coat as ready to use form for floor coating system.  This clear coat is hybrid polymer system of modified silicate and acrylic emulsion specially designed to maximize compatibility with inorganic materials. This combination of organic and inorganic materials enables coating surface to perform excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and UV resistance. Xander Cem Floor LQ 618 also provides Low VOC and Low odor.

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