Xander Crystallize P110

Waterproofing system in crystallize

Xander Crystallize P110 is a specialized chemical for waterproofing and protecting concrete surfaces. It is produced in the form of dry cement powder, composed of Portland cement, specially selected silica sand, and various chemicals. In areas with moisture, the chemicals in Xander Crystallize P110 infiltrate into the concrete and react with calcium oxide in the concrete, forming non-soluble crystals. This crystallization process reduces the surface porosity by blocking pores and capillaries, thereby, enhancing the water resistance of the concrete surface.

Xander Crystallize 111

Crystallize biochemical modification system - Sodium Silicate.

Xander Crystallize 111 is a crystallize-type, water-based leak-proof chemical. It is colorless and odorless, designed for use on large concrete surfaces. The chemical is engineered to deeply penetrate concrete (up to 55 mm according to ASTM 123D). Xander Crystallize 111 reacts with the calcium present in concrete to create new crystalline formations within the concrete. These crystals serve the purpose of sealing leaks and pores. This system is highly durable and long-lasting, suitable for preventing leaks and cracks.


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