Kalzip® Liner-Deck Roof System

A combining system for form and functionality

Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof Systems are predominantly used for new build construction, although they can also be used as a refurbishment solution in the event of a failed roof or when building improvements are being considered.

The Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof System is ideal where speed of installation on a project is of utmost importance. A non-fragile Kalzip liner sheet can be quickly installed to provide a temporary weather cover to allow other trades to work below. The remainder of the roofing components can then be installed without affecting the critical path of the construction programme.

Benefits & Features:

The Kalzip standing seam roof sheets are supported directly off the Kalzip clips

The external loads (wind suction, snow, access etc.) are transferred directly to the support purlins via the liner-deck sheets

Enhanced acoustic absorption

Kalzip Liner-Deck Roof System is perfect for low U values requirements

Kalzip’s Low U-value Roof System provides a cost effective and technically sound solution for roof U-values

Aluminium standing seam roof serves as a natural component of a lightning protection system

Standard Liner-Deck Roof System

Roof design: 

  1. Kalzip Standing seam sheet
  2. Insulation
  3. E clip
  4. Top hat sub purlins
  5. Kalzip vapour control layer
  6. Liner-Deck profile steel or aluminium

Low U-Value System

Roof design: 

  1. Kalzip top sheet
  2. Mineral fibre quilt insulation
  3. Kalzip E clips fixed to inverted channel
  4. SFS Iso-Tak fastener system
  5. Kalzip insulation 23 (2400 mm x 1200 mm)
  6. Kalzip vapour control layer
  7. Inverted liner sheet over purlins
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